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United States Condemns Continued Repression in Cuba

08 May 2006
United States Condemns Continued Repression in Cuba

State Department reiterates its support for dissidents denied freedom

Washington – The United States condemns the continued repression of
Cuba’s dissidents by the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and
looks forward to a day when basic freedoms are enjoyed by all Cubans,
according to the U.S. State Department.

On May 8, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack condemned the Cuban
government’s recent harassment of peaceful dissidents, including those
individuals who were prevented from participating in an April 25
videoconference sponsored by the U.S. Interests Section in Havana.

In one case, a Cuban state agent entered the home of dissident leader
Martha Beatriz Roque and attacked and injured her. In a related
incident, dissident Elsa Morejon Almagro was shoved inside a taxi by two
self-identified government security agents and forced to return home.

Those dissidents who did participate in the videoconference also were
subjected to harassment. Felix Bonne was confronted by a
government-sponsored mob when he returned home from the event. The mob
threatened to drag him through the streets if he continued his peaceful

In an April interview with the Washington File, one State Department
official voiced objections to the Castro regime’s repression.

“The U.S. government deplores these thuggish tactics aimed at preventing
Cuban citizens from exercising the basic rights enjoyed by people in
democratic nations throughout the world,” the official said. “The
United States looks forward to the day when freedom of thought,
expression, and movement are enjoyed by all Cubans.”

On May 8, McCormack reiterated U.S. support for Cuba’s dissidents,
including those victims of the Castro regime’s crackdown on 75
dissidents in the spring of 2003. (See related article.)

“As we mark some of the grim milestones of the Cuban regime, including
the third anniversary of the ‘Black Spring’ crackdown, and the 12th year
in jail for political prisoner Francisco Chaviano, the United States
reiterates its support for these brave individuals and all those in Cuba
who are being deprived of the freedom they desire and deserve,”
McCormack said.

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